Cauliflower burgers

My daughter has been singing her harvest festival song for yonks now.

The repeated refrain of Cauliflowers fluffy reminded me of the concept of cauliflower burgers. I looked around on the internet, and liked the look of this one.

It worked very well, but:

  • Cups, wtf? really? a cup of cheddar is what exactly? I did just make it up, and I think i used a higher cauliflower to everything else. the burgers were a tiny bit crumbly, but did work
  • a tiny bit of red cabbage. What am I meant to do with the rest? I ended up shredding the whole thing, and now have a crock of red cabbage sauerkraut on the go (which I’d use as the garnish if i make this again)… simple: shred the cabbage with a mandolin, massage with a tablespoon of salt, pack hard into a parfait jar so the liquid covers the cabbage, then leave with a loose cover for a couple of days, repacking every so often. When it’s stopped bubbling./ calmed down, snap the lid shut.
  • half an avocado? I stuck the whole thing in
  • The ‘burgers’ were underseasoned, I’d not hold back on the salt.
  • served with shop bought aioli and sweet potato fries (200c in the oven for 35 mins)
  • I made 3 burgers instead of four. tbh, i think four would have been pretty measly.

Overall verdict: this was quite difficult to make, time consuming and I was unsure what the outcome would be. That said, they were really very nice, and the colours were beautiful. You could successfully do most of the prep in advance, and then just stick them in the oven in the last moment. I would make again if I was cooking dinner for a vegetarian who I really liked and who was grateful for nice food.