Thirded bread

This is apparently an American colonial bread using rye and corn to bulk out wheat flour.

I couldn’t find a simple naturally fermented recipe on the web and so made one up. I figure early European Settlers didn’t have factory yeast.

My sourdough starter is additions of water and flour in equal weight

Note: I’d have swapped wholemeal flour for really strong white flour and white rye for wholemeal rye. Also I wonder what would happen were you to toast the polenta before you start.

330g each of coarse polenta, strong wholemeal flour, white rye

300g sourdough starter (white wheat)

430ml water

2tsp salt 

  • Mix the starter with the water (cold)
  • Mix the flours in another bowl
  • Pour some of the mixed flour into the wet mix
  • Stir well, keep adding flour till you have a thick batter. Cover the bowl with cling film. Make sure there’s enormous go space for it to depth a little 
  • Once this wet mix is clearly alive (12-18 hrs)…Stir salt into dry mix and mix it into the wet
  • Leave for an hour or so, then kneed 
  • let it rise for 12 hours, knock back a tiny bit, separate into two and proof in a loaf tins or baskets
  • slash the loafs and bake in a fan oven at a constant 220c (put a roast tray of water at the bottom to keep the oven steamy)
  • Remove when the loafs sound hollow when you knock their bottoms 
  • Swaddle in a clean dishcloth for a softer crust